The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Online Casino

Welcome fellow online casino gaming fan. Whether you’re new in the casino gaming universe or are looking to hit another jackpot, this site is here to help you find anything and everything you are yearning for. The number of casino operators to choose from is overwhelming. In fact, a quick search on Google reveals tons of pages of different online casinos. Yes, every good thing can be a double-edged sword, if it’s available in excessive quantities. With such a vast number of online casinos available, it sparks concern, worry, and even doubt. But our site is here for you, so fear not. Available here is an ultimate guide to help you make that seemingly tricky decision; choosing the best online casino. Since we, the content creators on this site, are firm believers in the fact that giving a man a fish means feeding him for a day but teaching him how to fish is feeding him for his entire life, teaching you how to fish is the goal of this guide. So, rather than providing you with a long list of the best casino sites, this guide talks about factors that make top ranking online casinos great.

What to Look for in the Best Casino Sites

While the best online casino may be a matter of personal opinion, taste, and preference, there is a combination of factors which must come together to determine how the operator ranks among competitors. However, with the competition in the industry proving to be brutal, some operators have resorted to taking shortcuts, which, of course, lead them nowhere in the long run. The bar for the best casinos has been set so high that online casinos have to make immense efforts to earn the ‘best’ tag. Thus, every top ranking online casino targets to score a solid 100% on every aspect of gaming. To help you better understand what constitutes the best casino site, we take a look at some essential factors.

Game Selection

You will find plenty of high-quality casino sites with lots of deficiencies in their game selection. That means you will keep looking elsewhere should you not see the game you want. Having said that, one constant is the fact that the game selection on the best online casino should be nothing but impressive. The site should be able to provide virtually every casino game genre, including slots, cards, and tables. By looking at the list of game developers a casino partners with, you can get an idea of how big or small the casino’s game portfolio is


When it comes to licensing, this is where rogue casino sites tend to stick out like a sore thumb. While there are offshore casinos licensed by jurisdictions such as Cyprus, Costa Rica, and Curacao, these casinos don’t offer adequate protection to players. This is because such licenses have no proper validation, and they may be held by rogue operators with underhand motives. In fact, offshore licences are cheap and easy to obtain, and they are issued to just about anyone who wants to dip their feet into the casino business. Additionally, offshore casino operators tend to run their casinos however they want, because of the lack of strict supervision or regulation from their licencing bodies. For instance, Curacao eGaming Authority is rarely concerned with casino/player disputes. So, the best casino sites should have a licence from a reputable licensing body, such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. These bodies have set the bar high that not just any casino operator can meet.

Responsible Gaming

Responsible gambling is perhaps the most crucial factor to consider as a casino player. And let’s face the truth, casino gambling can be addictive, and if it happens to get out of your control, you may need to rely on the casino’s guidelines and policies on responsible gambling. The best online casinos take it upon themselves to educate players on the importance of responsible gambling. Some even give their customer support team the authority to implement specific appropriate actions, in case a player exhibits the signs of problem gambling. The best casinos also have self-help tools, such as deposit limits, locking of withdrawals, and self-exclusion. However, there are online casinos which don’t care at all. In fact, you becoming a problem gambler adds to their happiness.

Bonus Terms

Bonuses are perhaps the most essential marketing strategy used by online casinos because they encourage players to register and play. However, most, if not all, bonuses come with certain conditions. Typically, you will need to wager your bonus a certain number of times to be allowed to cash out winnings gained from it. The best bonuses are definitely those with the lowest wagering requirements. To boot, some casinos only allow you to use their bonuses on certain games. This is something you will want to know beforehand as the games on which the bonus should be used may not be to your liking. In a nutshell, the best online casino should have favorable bonus terms; the bonus terms should not make the bonus look as though it is a scam.

Mobile Compatibility

The use of mobile devices has become the order of the day. In fact, these devices tend to pose a severe threat to desktops. And who knows if the desktop will lose its meaning in the years to come? With the majority of internet users preferring to use mobile devices, online casino operators have come up with a strategy to ensure that this vast population segment is not left out. This strategy involves making their casinos mobile-friendly. The best online casino should run smoothly on both mobile and desktop. If possible, the casino should offer an app for mobile users. Just be sure that the mobile platform has most, if not all, of the features found on the desktop platform.

Customer Support

Being the first point of contact, customer support agents tend to have it rough sometimes, especially when they have to deal with sore casino losers. Often dealing with frustrated and disgruntled players who may have lost more than they could afford to lose, the agents unfairly take the hit. That is why a customer service agent should have the patience for other people, should be a people person, and should be stable emotionally. However, there are customer support agents without these qualities, and that is why the level of customer support may vary substantially from one online casino to another. While no casino can claim to offer flawless customer support for its players (the agents are human beings, after all), the best casinos on the web should have professional, efficient, and excellent support. Above par support helps the casino to build trust and a good reputation with players.

The best casinos typically offer customer support service via the three most popular channels of contact; phone, email, and live chat. And the service should be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 364 or 365 days a year. Note that all the three channels don’t have to be active round the clock for a casino to be one of the best, but at least one of these avenues has to be.

Withdrawal Times

While withdrawal times may be related to responsible gambling, there are online casinos which may withhold your winnings to trick you into using the money for gameplay so that you lose everything in the long run. Yes, delayed payments are a regular thing as even the best online casino sites struggle when it comes to processing payments, especially during busy evenings. Besides, you may need to withstand longer processing times if you are new on any online casino since most casinos implement anti-money laundering and know your customer procedures on new players. However, regular withholding of winnings is something you should be wary of since it’s not typical of the best casino sites.

Bottom Line: Play Vegas Games Online and Enjoy the Fun

Now knowing how to choose the best online casino, nothing should deter you from signing up to any casino site, which meets the criteria discussed in this guide, and feel the excitement of Vegas in the comfort of your home or on the go. While the best casino sites is a vast subject that needs more discussion, that does not stop you from trying to find the best casino for your gaming needs. Always practice responsible gambling.